Washington Redskins fire Jay Gruden

Sonja Greenfield, Senior NFL Reporter NFC North, NFC East

By Sonja Greenfield // @Mom23RN

In a move that surprised almost no one, Washington has parted ways with head coach Jay Gruden. A lot of people felt that it would come after their week 4 loss to the N.Y. Giants, but it was the loss to the New England Patriots that was the final straw. During Gruden’s tenure, Washington was 35-49-1.

While most fans were expecting the move, many more feel that the problem with Washington is deeper than the head coach. That’s when most start to look at GM Bruce Allen, and ultimately the owner Dan Snyder.

Under Snyder, who became the owner in 1999, the team hasn’t finished with a winning record. They have however, won the NFC East 3 times under Snyder as well.

While Gruden wasn’t the best head coach, so far, his coaching “tree” has done well.  It’s still early though.


This isn’t the way Washington thought it would be after they traded for quarterback Alex Smith, but they still have some good, young talent. If they can get a coach who will effectively use that talent, and a GM who will add more talent, Washington can go back to being a regular powerhouse in the NFC East.

Buutttt…that only is if management can get out of their own way.


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