Week 11 AFC East matchup: Dolphins vs Bills preview

Lisa Johnson
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By Lisa Johnson // @LJ1303

The Miami Dolphins are riding a two-game winning streak and about to face there in-division rival, the Buffalo Bills.

Dolphins head coach Brian Flores, who has always stayed committed to saying this team is being coached and rebuilt to win. There is no “tank” in this man’s mind what-so-ever. Never has been.

Being around Coach Flores after several games told me, without question, that all the tank talk was media-driven. He has made it clear time and time again that his goal is to win here…eventually. He knows how this process works, and right now you are seeing this first hand.

What have we learned about Coach Flores going into week 10? One thing is for sure if you are not familiar with the Patriots way, get yourself prepared, because his coaching style is Patriots 101. You’re not gonna have those sexy names. You’re not gonna have self-centered superstars. What you will get are players that are expected to do their jobs. With all the talk of setting up a culture here in Miami, the only culture Coach Flores wants to set up is a winning one.

So what does Flores bring to the Miami Dolphins? Just a coach that has won four Super Bowls, fourteen AFC East titles, and seven AFC Championships on his resume.

What can we expect this Sunday? Here is a quote from Coach Flores’ press conference.

It was a close game with the Bills the first time around. That pick and then that drive was the turning point. What has the team learned since that 98-yard drive and how have they gotten better since then?

“Yeah, those are – look, you never know what play it’s going to be, so every play counts. That’s something we talk about really on a day in and day out basis. Again, you mentioned the drive. I don’t know how many plays there were in that one – I know there were a lot – but there were a few plays in that drive where if we played it a little bit better or if we had a little bit better communication or if we made a tackle or whatever it is on that particular drive – and you could say that for that one particular drive but there’s been some others in the season where you get a handful of plays and it’s a three-and-out or an interception or a fumble.”

“Every play counts. That’s something that we’ve preached all year. Look, there’s ebbs and flows in every game. If we talk about one particular play, to me it’s never just one play really until you come down to the very bitter end.”

“There’s always a series of plays that you never know which one is the one that’s going to turn the game, turn the momentum of a game and be the one play that turns the tide.”

One thing is for sure. No matter the win/loss record, these two teams have had some historic games. Dolphins will look to build off their 2 game winning streak, while the Bills will look to keep pace in the wildcard hunt in the AFC.

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