Week 12 Detroit Lion Pride Report

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By Sonja Greenfield //@Mom23RN

Vikings 30 – Lions 23


Yesterday was a day to give thanks.  While I was (and still am) very thankful for plenty of things, the way the Detroit Lions played yesterday, wasn’t one of them.  The Lions played their division rival Minnesota Vikings.  The last few Thanksgivings the Lions had some pretty impressive victories, including last year against the Vikings as well.

Going into their game not having had a 100-yard rusher in 62 games, would quarterback Matthew Stafford be able to carve up the stout Viking defense?  Or would the team actually break the streak and get their 100-yard rusher. The Lions had the ball first and promptly went 3 and out.  The Vikings were able to pretty much do what they wanted, including quarterback Case Keenum running in for a touchdown.

Stafford was just off yesterday.  He was missing receivers, including missing a beautiful screen pass to running back, Theo Riddick that for sure would have been a touchdown early in the game.   Despite the missed passes, he was able to find wide receiver Marvin Jones, Jr. for two touchdowns.  In the 4th quarter, Stafford took a hit as he threw a touchdown pass to Jones and hurt what could have been his knee or his ankle.


Stafford was able to limp back into the game and finish it out. No one should ever doubt Stafford’s toughness.  Unfortunately, the Vikings defense was too tough and the Lions were unable to get anything going yesterday.  The Lions, while not completely out of the playoff race, made it that much harder for themselves.

King Of The Pride:  Marvin Jones Jr. gets the accolade this week.  He had 6 catches for 106 yards and scored both Lions touchdowns.  The second touchdown was amazing, as you can see from the clip above, he was in double coverage.   He was out there making plays, going against one of the leagues better defenders in Vikings cornerback Xavier Rhodes.


Not King Of The Pride:  Hard to pick just one.  As always, the running game is going to be an issue.  The top rusher, Riddick, had only 20 yards rushing.  Also, this team has been starting slow which, if you’re trying to win, falling behind just isn’t the way it’s going to get done.

So, there’s plenty of Not King of The Pride’s to look at.  Missed tackles, slow starts, inconsistent offensive line play, and not good play calling to name a few.   The Lions still have some pieces of the puzzle to get together before they can look at making noise in the playoffs.


Next Up:  The Baltimore Ravens.  Now this team has been super up and down all season.  They’ve gotten blown out by the Jacksonville Jaguars 44-7, but also crushed the Miami Dolphins 31-7 as well.  The Lions have to go to Baltimore to face them, and the road has been good to the Lions.  They have a 4-1 record.  All in all, it will depend on how Stafford heals up because how Stafford goes, the Lions go.





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