Week 16: Detroit Lions Pride Report

Official Lions Reporter

By Sonja Greenfield // @Mom23RN

Bengals 26 – Lions 17

Handle your business and win.  Get some help from a couple of teams, and the Lions could get into the playoffs.  Easy enough.  In their last 4 games, the Lions faced the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Chicago Bears, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Green Bay Packers.  They were favored in all of them. They beat both the Buccaneers and the Bears.  Today they had to go on the road and face the 5-11 Bengals who were thoroughly beaten by the Vikings and the Bears.

This game should be no problem.  Despite a slow start from both teams, tight end Eric Ebron scored on a pass from quarterback Matthew Stafford.  Pro Bowl cornerback Darius Slay was getting calls, breaking up passes.  But the game took a slow turn.  The Bengals scored a touchdown in the 3rd quarter to make the score 13-10.  Lions fans just started to get “That Feeling”.  That some way, somehow, this team was going to lose to the Bengals.

And then it happened.  There was a chance with about  4 minutes left in the 4th quarter.  All Stafford had to do was lead one of his famous 4th quarter drives, but it didn’t happen.  The drive went backward.  Wide receiver Golden Tate almost made a circus catch, but no.  On the Bengals next possession helped with Lions penalties, the Bengals scored and ended the Lions 2017 season.


King Of The Pride:  Eric Ebron.  The tight end has been maligned by Lions fans for most of his career.  It’s well deserved because he drops the ball.  However, in the last few weeks, he has really come on and become Stafford’s Go To receiver.  Today he was 5/8 for 83 yards and a touchdown.  Honorable mention goes to running back Tion Green.  He became the 1st running back in 2 years to score a rushing touchdown in the 4th quarter for the Lions.

Not King Of The Pride:  This may be the first time I’ve ever cited the head coach.  This week, Jim Caldwell gets the Award.  On the MUST HAVE drive in the 4th quarter, Tate caught a beautiful circus pass.  It was ruled not a catch.  On replay, it looked like it was.  Caldwell didn’t challenge it.  With the offensive weapons they have on this team, Caldwell never went for it when it was 4th and 2, or 4th and 1.  Against a 5-11 team.

Up Next:  The Lions (officially) end their season next week at home against the Green Bay Packers.  With nothing to play for, will backup quarterback Jake Rudock will start?  Also, this loss brings up the very real question if there will be a new coach by then.  This loss makes it very hard for the Lions to bring back Jim Caldwell.  This was a very winnable game, and they couldn’t do it.  Either way, its gearing up for an interesting offseason.



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