Week 8 Detroit Lions Pride Report

Official Lions Reporter

By Sonja Greenfield // @Mom23RN

Steelers 20 –  Lions 15




The sad thing is, this tweet pretty much sums up this game for the Lions.  After coming off the bye week and the Lions getting healthy, it was thought that the Lions could give this Pittsburgh Steeler team a run for its money, and actually win.  This team had been trending up, despite losing a close one to the Panthers, and trying to complete the comeback against the Saints.   Welllll….not so much.

The Lions went 0-5 in the red zone last night, and as the tweet said, zero touchdowns.  Lets be honest.  You are literally going nowhere in this league if you’re not scoring touchdowns.  Not sure if the Lions got that memo or not.  After getting down to the 1 yard line early in the 3rd quarter with Pittsburgh ahead 13-12, the Lions went for it on 4th down, and came away without points.

Alright fine.  Hold the Steelers, get great field position, and they’re back in business, right?  Sadly no.  They had the Steelers on a 3rd and 9 on their 3 yard line, when quarterback Ben Roethlisberger hit wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster with a pass and took it 97 yards for the touchdown.

Well, there’s still time, right?  No again. They were able to kick a field goal after yet another red zone stop and the score was 20-15.  It looked like quarterback Matthew Stafford was about to do his 4th quarter comeback thing, when usually reliable wide reciever Golden Tate fumbled the ball. Pittsburgh got the ball back, and that was the game.  Same. Old. Lions.

King Of The Pride:   Kicker Matt Prater, who recently signed a well deserved contract extension, is the obvious choice.  He was responsible for all the Lions scoring in this game.  Honorable mentions can go to left tackle Brain Mihailik and offensive tackle Dan Skipper.   These newer additions to the O Line did a fairly decent job last night, especially Mihailik.  If there’s one thing that really needs some shoring up, its the left side of the offensive line, and Mihailik did a good job against his former team.   Oh, and one more honorable mention goes to cornerback Darius Slay for this:


Not King Of The Pride:  Hard to narrow it down to just one person.  Lots of blame to go around in this game, but I’m going to stick with the main offensive personnel.  Stafford, offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter, and head coach Jim Caldwell.  The play calling was awful.  Abysmal.  Atrocious.   The fact that these guys couldn’t figure out a way to actually get a touchdown just boggles the mind.  I know, it’s just one game.  I get it.  Still…this is not really the stat that you want the highest paid player in the NFL to be associated with:


Next Up:  The Lions head to Green Bay to take on the Packers.  Historically, Green Bay hasn’t been a good place for the Lions to play.  Now, without quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the team may have a chance.  If they have a performace like they did last night, they have a snowballs chance in….You know the rest of the saying.




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