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By Sueli Loiola // @Su_firstavenger

The Green Bay Packers sign Ahmad Brooks. He’s 33 years old and an 11 year veteran of the NFL, certainly he’s at the top of his career. He has great experience as an outside linebacker. He’s very versatile and strong. The Packers have played against him in the past. For that reason, the team really know who this guy is.

Ahmad Brooks started his career with the Cincinnati Bengals in 2006. Then, he played for the San Francisco 49ers for nine years. He played 120/128 regular season, recorded 333 tackles, 51 ½ tackles, 11 forced fumbles and three interceptions, according to his total numbers during his eleven years in the league. As we can see, he’s definitely a strong player who can bring all his strength to the linebacker position. Can you all imagine how strong the defense can be this season? Imagine Nick Perry, Clay Matthews and now, Brooks. It’s such an amazing defense, right! At least, the fans can have some excitement about the team and why not, there is huge potential.

According to Moss on Packers.com, he’s physically imposing. He also can do everything that the coaches ask. “He can play to the tight end side or the open end side. He can play the outside linebacker position. He can play the elephant. If he were to be placed on our roster … he could come right in and fit right in.” said Moss.

The team was very smart. It means a lot to bring a strong player in, but it’s also a strategy for the season. We had some injuries during the preseason and need to be ready for other types of injury. Also, think of a plan B. As a fan, I don’t want to see anyone injured.  However, it’s happened quite a lot due to the contact on the field. It’s a part of the game, unfortunately.

Welcome to the family, Ahmad Brooks. We all wish you the best tackles, sacks, forced fumbles and defensed passes. We wish you all the luck. 

Featured image of #55 Ahmad Brooks courtesy: @packers

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