What Did We Learn From the 49ers Loss?

Matt Woolsey, Sports Writer

By Matt Woolsey // @Aresgodff

About the Author: Matt is a sports writer for @49ershub, @SportsTalkLine, and @TheScorecrow, and is a longtime San Francisco 49ers fan. He has been a 49ers fan since the days of Joe Montana, Steve Young, and Jerry Rice. Aside from Jerry Rice, his favorite player was Merton Hanks, loved his dance after he made an interception. Let’s go Faithful.

In hockey the standings are based on a point system and you still gain a point for an overtime loss. In the NFL a loss in overtime is the same as a loss in regulation. There are no moral victories in the NFL. Last Monday, the undefeated streak for the San Francisco 49ers came to an end when they lost in overtime to their bitter rival the Seattle Seahawks.

Retired army General Colin Powell once said, “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

What did we learn in the 49ers failure to secure the win? We learned how important the trade for wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders was, as the other wide receivers, not including Deebo Samuel, could not step-up in the big spot.

We learned how important tight end George Kittle is to the offense. And quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo? Sign him to a ten-year contract right now. We learned that no matter how good starting tackles Joe Staley and Mike McGlinchey have been, them being out for few weeks really hurts the dynamic of the offensive line. Towards the end of the game, Garoppolo was very skittish in the pocket. But, can you blame him? He had a Seahawks defender in his face the whole game.

But the important thing we learned in the 49ers failure to secure the win, was the resolve of this team. Many asked throughout the year, “Who have the 49ers played?”, “Wait till they play the Seahawks.” The NFL talking heads were right, but they were also wrong. San Francisco could not overcome Seattle QB Russell Wilson and the rest of the Seahawks team, and they did lose. Congratulations talking heads.

However, the 49ers were not at full strength when they faced the Seahawks, and yet it took five quarters for the Seattle to beat San Francisco. And if the 49ers had had kicker Robbie Gould and not a rookie, we may not even be having this conversation.

The question is, how many teams can have a liability at both tackles, be without their top two offensive weapons, their starting kicker, and come out on top against one of the best teams in the NFL. Not many, however the 49ers almost pulled it off.

At one point San Francisco were down 21-10, and it seemed like Seattle was going to run away with it. Yet, the Red and Gold never hung their heads, they never gave up. We saw their resolve, we saw their fight.

This team is special and in no way is this the end. They are the only ones who managed to make Russell Wilson look human this season instead of the MVP God he has been. Seattle stole one on the road, what happens in week 17, if the 49ers are at full strength, when they meet again?

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