What will the Cardinals do with their draft pick?

Marquita Quinones
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By Marquita Quinones //@LatinLove729

I can’t believe it but the 2019 NFL Draft is only days from now, and you best believe there is going to be a lot of action going on. NFL is already full of buzz around the potential first round picks and the Arizona Cardinals are the focus of that buzz.

Many experts believe that the Arizona Cardinals will choose quarterback Kyler Murray as their number one pick. As expected, the Cardinals are staying quiet and are taking a stance on not knowing where the organization stands with the first overall pick. 

“We are not done with this process,” general manager Steve Keim said, per Pro Football Talk’s Michael David Smith. “We have not made a decision on the first overall pick. There are a number of players in my opinion, and our scouts’ opinion, and our coaching staff’s opinion, that warrant being the first overall selection.”

Keim may portray the team as undecided as to who they will choose at number one but the majority of analysts agree that Oklahoma’s Kyler Murray is the right choice. Murray has been viewed as a projected franchise QB. If the Cardinals want to be in the mix of playoff talks, they can’t pass on the opportunity of a player who is deemed to be an NFL starter.

If you look at Keim’s draft history, he is not one to avoid making a major move, and I don’t expect this year to be any different. In five of his six drafts, the Arizona Cardinals general manager has made some serious moves.

Four of those nine total moves moved the Cardinals up while the other five moved them down.

In 2013 Keim made two moves, both of them to acquire more picks. The San Diego Chargers moved up seven spots in the second round for the price of a fourth-round pick to select linebacker Manti Te’o at No. 38. In exchange, the Cardinals acquired No. 45 to pick linebacker Kevin Minter, and that fourth-round pick would be on the move later.

In what was Keim’s first big win on a draft-day deal, the return was picks 116 and 187, which were used on offensive lineman Earl Watford and running back Andre Ellington.

Watford was a nice depth option for the Cardinals offensive line and did a fine job filling in when needed from 2013-16 and again in 2017. Ellington reached over 1,000 yards from scrimmage in his first two seasons and spent two more years with Arizona before being waived in 2017. So the recent history of the Arizona Cardinals draft hasn’t been bad, which leads me to believe they will make the right choices for the franchise this coming draft.

However, in the 2018 NFL Draft, the Cardinals traded up with the Oakland Raiders from five spots to get what was supposed to be their future QB in Josh Rosen. But after a poor performance from Rosen, there is a doubt as to whether he can carry the team going forward.

In defense of Rosen, he had a poor offensive line and not enough weapons to surround him. Now Rosen’s future is in limbo as the attraction of Murray’s NFL ready abilities entice the desert franchise.

With only days left it is anyone’s guess as to whom the Arizona Cardinals will choose as their No. 1 draft pick.


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