What’s next for NFL fans? Combine and Free Agency

Lisa Johnson
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By Lisa Johnson // @lj1303

As we watched the last seconds click off the clock at Hardrock Stadium, which concluded with the Kanas City Chiefs hoisting the Vince Lombardi trophy, the 2019 NFL season came to a close.

With that comes the next phase in the football world, the Scouting Combine and free agency. While fans consider this the offseason, for the teams this is where the real work begins.

First up, we have the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine. This annual pre-draft evaluation process will begin February 27 – March 1st. Make sure and give our NFL combine reporter Kate Arhar a follow on Twitter.  Kate will be in Indianapolis bringing us all the breaking news and practice coverage.

From NFL.com, we’ve learned that the tentative Combine workout schedule will look like this.

» Thursday, Feb 27: TE, QB, WO
» Friday, Feb 28: PK, ST, OL, RB
» Saturday, Feb 29: DL, LB
» Sunday, Mar 1: DB

The NFL also announced in a press release that morning and afternoon drills have been moved to afternoon and prime-time slots.

“It’s all a process,” said Dolphins GM, Chris Grier. “Starts with evaluating players that can come in and positively have an effect on the ball club. Placing targets on players that might be available during the draft process.”

After the combine comes what I think has become one of every die-hard football fan’s favorite time of year…free agency.

The new league year starts on March 18th. And while we know the list of free agents, we have no idea where they will end up. And let’s not forget about players that could be traded. Exciting and nerve-racking all at the same time.

How fun has this been the last 5 years or so? Fans have that image of that star player coming to their team and immediately making their team a contender (Miami is beautiful, Tom Brady), while other fans can be left, upset, wondering how in the world their team is gonna survive without a certain player.

Free agency is a 50/50 split for me. It can be gut-wrenching watching your favorite player walk out the door, then 10 minutes later you’re like alright because your favorite team got a great new star. It’s like a feeding frenzy for fans. You’re either refreshing your twitter every second or screaming at your phone or laptop on why your team has made ZERO signings or moves.

In my opinion, if the NFL wants to make a power move, they should make this all go down on primetime. Give the fans something to look forward to all day at work.

Water coolers are already a buzz of who is going to test the market. Which team is going to make the biggest splash. Is Tom Brady really going to leave New England? What are the Saints’ gonna do with Drew Brees?  Hardcore fans have either downloaded the FA list or printed it out. One way or another, we are always guaranteed for at least one surprise. Always that one team that will make your jaw drop.

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