Why I’m Thankful For The Philadelphia Eagles

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By Roxaan Herrera // @rxnlzbth

Every year around this time, I like to reflect on the past year.  I think about what I’ve gained, what I’ve lost and most importantly, what I’ve learned.

The main things are always the same: I still have my kids, they have their health, are happy and I will forever be grateful that I get to be their mom. I have my partner in crime and my best friend in my husband. He’s the best father for my kids that I could ever ask for.

My circle of friends remains small but these are people who I trust around my children.   I can confide my deepest secrets with them and who all know me and love me even if we go days without talking.  I am very fortunate to still have my family near me and am able to spend birthdays and holidays with them.

I get to share my passion for football with some of the smartest women in the world and I never fail to learn something new from every one of them.  A special shout-out to Liz Panucci for allowing us to have this platform in which to show off our knowledge of football.

Last, but certainly not in the least, I am thankful for sports. In a world full of negativity and ugliness, I can watch my team and clear my mind of reality even if for a few hours.

With all that being said, I have to say I’m very thankful for the Philadelphia Eagles. After all these years of being a fan (14 years to be exact), I have gone through a Super Bowl loss, playoffs losses, losing seasons, winning seasons with nothing to show for it, divas for wide receivers, media circus around our quarterback and head coach.  And the list goes on and on.

I’ve dealt with the scrutiny and embarrassment that comes along with being a fan of sports and I’ve rarely enjoyed the positives of being an Eagles fan, which is why I’m even more thankful for them. For an owner, who obviously has been patient and has allowed the general manager to go through the growing pains. For a general manager who has kept his composure throughout his tenure. For a front office who have all taken a role in helping the Eagles succeed.

For a head coach who has taken over a team in disarray and has earned the respect of his players and listens to the fans and loves what he does. For a group of athletes who have been a part of, or are currently a part of, a team in which they sweat, shed tears and lose blood over and leave their heart on the field for. Players who show the fans love when they can and give back to their community because they are genuinely grateful that they were given an opportunity to show off their talent and they know the important role they play in young fans’ lives.

The Philadelphia Eagles have taken my heart and have ripped it apart, and sewn it back together, then only to tear it into pieces and glue it back together again.  But, every year I remain faithful, grateful and thankful that they exist.   I always say that I’m meant to be a fan of this team.  There’s no team that fits me better and for that, I am Thankful!

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