Why the Lions are doing things right: An offseason story

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By Sonja Greenfield // @Mom23RN

It’s July now, and finally, the speculation can turn into reality.  Will linebacker Jarad Davis be a bust?  Will rookie running back Kerryon Johnson be the Detroit Lions first 100-yard rusher in about a jillion years?  AND…the one that’s been on my mind for the longest:  Do people feel that Matt Patricia can make a difference with this team?

No, I’m not doubting the hire at all.  I guess what I’m thinking is this.  Back in April (pre-draft), I was at an event, and as tends to happen when I meet people, the topic of conversation turned to football.

We started talking Lions, and he asked me if I felt that the Lions are really going to be THAT much improved with this hire.  I, of course, said yes, and he looked at me a little funny.

“You really think so?” He said.  He then went to state statistics of the coaches that came from the New England Patriots.  Of course, I understood, and I wondered if this was something that more people outside of Lions fans felt.  I acknowledged what he said, and then I took a huge sip of my drink, wobbled on my heels a little bit, and explained my rationale.

“Kind sir, you must understand that the Lions franchise hasn’t been run very efficiently, like ever.  Until now.  The changing of the guard came when Mr. Ford (may God rest his soul) passed away. Mrs. Ford went and starting making changes.  But not changes just to change, she made smart changes. She fired GM Martin Mayhew and then president Tom Lewand.  She used some actual football people and went around and did research.  They went to one of the more respected (albeit controversial) franchises, the New England Patriots.”

“She went to one of the better up and coming minds of the game in Bob Quinn.  A smart and talented guy, but most of all smart. He evaluated the team and didn’t make any drastic changes right away.  He drafted well.  When the time was right, brought in a new coaching staff.  But not just anyone, Matt Patricia, a former Patriot coach.  The minute those two were in the same space, they were like old roommates or something.  They picked up where they left off in New England.”

“For once, you must understand, it feels like the Lions are doing things RIGHT.  There seems to be a method to the madness that is Lions football.  Of course, there will be growing pains and fans don’t expect the Super Bowl this year, but a playoff win would be a good first start. I’ll even take a winning record.  That, kind sir, is why Lions fans feel that he will succeed.”   (Another sip of my drink….and by this time I had sat down and possibly even kicked off one of my heels)

He seemed like he understood my points, but also probably thought that I had enough of the Honolulu Blue Kool-Aid.  But he said that he would take my word for it. He stated that he wasn’t a fan of teams per se, but more of players. He liked quarterback Matthew Stafford and felt that this could be his year. So, that was good.

I’m ready for the season, and I’m ready to see this new and improved team on the field.

This could be a good year for the Lions, and I’m ready for the ride!



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