Will Denver Get Their Quarterback?

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By Julie Dixon //@ABroncoNole

Let’s talk about the quarterback situation.  If quarterback Kirk Cousins were to take a leap of faith and sign with Denver while under construction, keeping QB Trevor Siemian would be a smart move. He’s super cheap, has experience and knows the new playbook.

Plus, no fan would spend their life on Twitter trashing Cousins to get Siemian. This would be the lone exception to keep him.  If Denver drafts a quarterback, there is no way you want Siemian around.  If the rookie fails, the fans will be calling for Siemian.  Hopefully, Denver has learned from the past.  As long as Trevor Siemian is on the team, the fans are always going to want him under center.

Which leads to the current starting QB, Paxton Lynch. You read that right because that’s how they ended the season. While 99% of the Denver media and fans had him buried and gone, Ian Rappaport just dashed their hopes and dreams by spending the day strongly hinting he’s staying. In which case, no way you keep Siemian.

Gambling on Lynch is actually their best bet because with him they can draft a big playmaker in the first round of the draft.  Then they can sign some big talent, keep talent and fill every hole. They could be a balanced team like Minnesota and Jacksonville. He actually would give them the best chance to win because for the first time he has the same coach, scheme, and playbook. This gives him a leg up.  Plus he’ll have a team of weapons since the Broncos wouldn’t have put all their money in bringing in a new QB.

With Cousins, they will be severely limited in free agency. They would need him to play so well, he can cover up the holes, which he wasn’t able to do in Washington. The team won’t be completely fixed because you can only do so much in the draft. A rookie will spend more time losing than winning because that’s what most of them do. Whether they go with Lynch or a rookie, you don’t want Siemian, you want a journeyman like QBs Ryan Fitzpatrick or Josh McCown. Since I don’t see Cousins in Denver, Siemian is gone.

With Kansas City trading away cornerback Marcus Peters and QB Alex Smith, it appears they are also doing some reloading which would be the perfect time for Denver to do the same.   By the way, Kansas City head coach Andy Reid wanted Lynch, it’s partly why Elway moved up in the draft.  Elway wanted to cut off Arizona who was going to take Lynch, plus keep him away from Kansas City and Dallas. Because of that, Reid learned and moved up to get QB Patrick Mahomes. Makes sense for Denver to do the same.  Rebuild and use the QB that Reid wanted.


Things are starting to move in the NFL as we head into the combine.  Can’t wait to see what happens next.



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